A Malaysian’s Kindle 4 Non-Touch First E-reader Ownage Experience (sorta editable review)

I’ve been using my laptop as my ereader. I’ve slept reading from my laptop a hundred time and  soon it took a toll on my eyesight (read my old post on partial blinker). Curiously, I dont have any increase in my prescription (since I was 15 actually) but I do have dryness because reading requires me to not blink as frequently as I should and I got double vision and occasional migraine (which I blame on ear infection and wisdom tooth ache). But its really a small thing and I don’t complain a lot except to my optometrist and they usually recommend me the usual.. don’t read, stay away from laptop and etc… but dude, laptop and me are like an appendage, you can’t separate me from it! and I have to read or I go ballistic! Have you even seen me during my matriculation year? I didn’t have a laptop with me and I’m doom to rereading Harry Potter and some romance novel out of boredom. Of course, I study more but psychologically, the stress I had was scarring enough that I only get destress from reading.

But I can tell that story in other time. Flash forward to 2012, I actually had been thinking about getting an e-reader…. since I was a teenager. But an e-reader was still a foreign thing in this soil of people who rarely read in a month so if you want an e-reader, be prepared to fork out a THOUSAND ringgit for on black and white small tablet-looking usb drive. I don’t have thousands, I can’t even dream about asking my dad for it (which I usually see rich kids who show off these days, new money wastage…) so naturally, I give up the idea since a thousand ringgit could get a hundred book in Bookxcess and Big Bad Wolf Sale.

So.. one day, I went into local Goodreads.com forum about e-reader and I’ve been watching some pamphlets of iRiver getting cheaper to rm500 but I’m not convinced. I know Kindle is pretty expensive too (Kindle 3 is nearly rm700 right?) and imagine my surprise that they’ve decided to subsidized the Kindle so that it can be affordable. Yay…

So I decided to get them.

If you followed me on twitter, you’d notice I had a lot of tweets about Kindle. Its because I actually paid fully for Kindle 4 on 12/4 (my bank close on 11/4 because its Agong’s coronation day). But the seller decided to come up with some excuse that end up with him sending out the Kindle FIVE days AFTER I paid them which pissed me off. Not to mention, from 17th to 20th, the Singpost site didn’t update anything at all and what bugs me was that Singapore was very very very near to Malaysia. For a “world class” city country, they do have lousy courier.

Honestly, do you WALK from Singapore to KLIA? Because as far as I know, if I get out of the house before afternoon, I CAN reach to Tuas lane to Singapore by 6pm. I know this because my dad was a Singaporean until the 60s and my kampung is actually in Jurong so we go there every year (even so, 1Utama have daily KL-Singapore ride… kinda feel bad about it. I really wanna balik kampung frequently but… dad… errr….)

Oh well.. after spending bitching about Singpost and reading online horror stories from Singpost users. FINALLY, on 20/4’s SATURDAY morning, they updated with “Arrived at overseas”. So I checked with PosMalaysia’s registered postage tracker and found this.

OMG… so FAST and they UPDATED every single steps. Jeez… imagine my excitement seeing all these things… (Updates from below to up). The customs made me anxious a bit (since the box is slightly huge although very light), but it got through.

and… tadaaaa….

Seriously, for RM14 (SGD7) I’d expected the service would be a lot better than usual RM3 malaysian registered postage (which I don’t actually mind if it went AWOL for 4 days… the price doh). Next time, I would try asking the Singaporean people to consider Malaysian cheaper alternative but better service (like not let my rm315 float for 4 days while you conveniently forget about posting something or 4 days of parcel MIA… what did they do? bulk it in one truck? shouldn’t it be a lot cheaper that way?)

Oh well.. I’d recommend the seller if you’re willing to wait two weeks for it but thankfully for PosMalaysia and of course the Kindle itself!

I wanted to do a vlog but then my sister took the camera this morning so I have to rely on my webcam with bluish cast from the screen.

First impression, I really am surprised of how small the size of the K4NT is… all reading and watching those reviews doesn’t prepare me for this. But its quite fine, I think its cute and light and it does fit ONE hand on its own. I have ladies hands so, I don’t really thing the side buttons or stuff bother me.

You can choose not to connect it to the pc but whatever…

My first try with the wifi and the keyboard. I found that the wifi ATE the battery life so quickly. So honestly, why do you need to use this kindle to surf when your laptop do even better performance than this.

My kindle store… which I don’t buy stuff from it since there’s the line of paranoidism among publisher who doesn’t want people in other part of the world to obtain their ebooks legally reducing us to wacky e-stores (like overpriced Maxis and weird MPH ebook section which baffled me..)  but there’s hundred of out-of-copyright books which you can get for freely. I do read classics from time to time.

Darn ads… actually I want this Decalgirl offer but I can’t. Am sooo sad…. 😦

The list of ads which is fine actually. No one watch the screensaver  and the bottom ads doesn’t bother me much since it does leave a lot of space to the book listing.

Where I left of…

Food sanitation PDF notes which I will never bother print again. Its not really that tiny. You people are babied lots.. this is actually the real font on paper of 90% of my universities’ powerpoints. Its still readable. I don’t understand why people complain about it.

This is another PDF example. My real fourth year final semester lecture note on H5N1 with MOST of the three dozen slides that contain ONLY words.  I tell you what, it does annoyed me that I don’t have Kindle while I’m still doing my undergraduate studies. I don’t like reading slides of my computer and kept enlarging them to read on paper. This is actually modified form of the lecture notes which I enlarge to fit the square slides for printing. You can only imagine how small it was before…..yes, its called MALAYSIAN universities. No, its not really that hard, that was one slide after all.. try combining the other dozens….

You can transfer your comics to PDF too and read them. This Game of Thrones comic are in colour but you can still appreciate it in black and white. Although you do need to put it on landscape mode to read the tiny fonts. Seriously this is one reason why I prefer japanese manga.

I know the screen is really fragile (everything is) so having a case is basically a logical solution. Although I’m favouring tablet sleeves. There’s a LOT of phone accessories shop around me and I do hope I find one thats suitable for this kindle. The e-ink really do its job well. I know its grey and if you haven’t read a lot.. pure white and black will cast a shadow in your eyes because the chromocytes were adjusting to the contrasts. Its like seeing invisible dots etc. I do keep my screen as low contrast as possible (except when I play skyrim) at night since the backlight really does bother my eyes. I always use dimscreen but it doesn’t really work with the brightness.

Anyway, i use my laptop as a book light in the dark when I’m reading physical book. It work with Kindle 4 too. I can actually read with my back facing the tv.

I actually don’t care for Touch. I’ve seen its quite sluggish for a IR touchscreen. Besides, its first generation touch kindle, unlike K4, there’s a long way to go for Touch to reinvent itself. But I do hope they supply physical button in future generation since I really do like K4’s side buttons. And if I was willing to wait.. I would have chosen Nook Touch over Kindle Touch for the physical button and non-ads alone.

I noticed the fingerprints on the device but you don’t really notice its there. Its kinda like my Acer’s touchpad. However, the real problem came when I eat while reading, which I actually guarantee I will do just that. I wipe my laptop once a day when it felt tacky. Considering K4 is an electronic, I’d suspect its a dust attractor (static) too. So always have a microfiber on hand.

And DICTIONARIES. I do have a lot of dictionaries, being a serious authorand all. I do want to look up new words and you can continuously expand the vocabularies. This is way cheaper too since I’ve seen people were sold by the idea of rm500 mini computer-like dictionary. Tch tch tch…

Honestly, I do expect more option for the fonts since I like Times New Roman and Calibri so the basic fonts is a bit messy to get used to.  I do want to adjust the margin. I get unnerved when one side is too thin and another is too wide.

 If you’re a student. Just get this. You’ll thank me.

I’ll continue updating this review since I don’t like writing multiple ones after a long duration of time. I’ll think of something.


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